"Megan's belief in me-- including the time she took to discuss my path in life-- fostered my own confidence. Megan helped to maintain my focus; she was instrumental in my completion of a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience and a minor in Chemistry. She worked to remove distractions from my work, such as financial stress, by identifying scholarships and sources of funding. She met with me early on in order to map out the steps ahead-- discussing course schedules and work loads to ensure my success."

-Lacy Reyna, 2016 BS,  Roosevelt University, 2018 MPH ,Harvard

"A new college student is embarking on a journey that often involves leaving best friends and family behind for the first time. It is exhilarating, but it can also be a little scary. Megan Bernard has successfully helped hundreds of students navigate this transition, serving as a reliable mentor. With experience in all aspects of the college experience, from selecting a major to maximizing financial aid opportunities to pursuing internship and employment opportunities, Megan will be your guide. Think of her as your college-whisperer."

-Dr. Regina Buccola, Professor and Program Chair, Roosevelt University

"The personal connection Megan made with me was genuine.  Without Megan, I wouldn’t have been able to graduate in three years or become a Resident Advisor.  Megan watched me grow throughout my college career, checking in, making sure my trajectory was constantly aligned with the outcomes I desired."

-Tyler Strejc, 2016 graduate, Economics

"From the first day we met to the moment I crossed the stage at commencement, Megan has had a profound influence on my development as an academic, citizen, and overall human being. She encouraged me to liberally and unashamedly explore my interests, guiding me to new and challenging opportunities which would shape my professional aspirations. Her positive demeanor has never once failed to lift my spirits, even as I struggled to come to terms with social and emotional anxieties every step of the way. From study tips to lifestyle management to crisis counseling, I can say with absolute confidence that Megan's guidance improved my academic career as well as that of many of my classmates."

-Matt Schulte, 2017 graduate, Sociology, current MSW candidate at UIC

"Megan has always been a guiding light for me and was by my side every step of the way during my undergrad career. I was a first generation college student, and she made attaining my degree possible even when life got rocky. I am eternally grateful for her time, effort, advice, and hugs she gave during my four years. I am confident that she is someone I can trust and confide in and I feel very fortunate to have met her when I did." 

-Aubrey Biga, 2016 graduate, Biology, current MSW candidate at University of Chicago

"Megan is eloquent, kind, and made me feel welcome, wanted, and respected as my academic adviser.  She pays close attention to detail and was extremely tuned in to my needs as a student and my academic and professional goals. Megan has a way of connecting with students and a habit of going above and beyond what is required to advocate for our success.  She played a huge role in my academic success."
-Susie Boniadi, 2017 graduate, Political Science

"Megan Bernard's commitment to her students, and their devotion to her, is legendary. Mentoring dozens of honors students at once, Megan nevertheless gave each student the individual attention, advice and direction that they needed to successfully navigate the college experience and pursue the career of their choice. ...In all my years in this industry, I have never met anyone who cared more about or worked harder for her students, and who did so while encouraging them to do their finest work. She is, simply put, a force of nature.

-Dr. David Faris, Ph.D, Chair, Political Science and Public Administration, Roosevelt University

"Brilliant. Committed. Authentic. Knowledgeable. Compassionate. Those are just a few words that describe Dr. Megan Bernard. ...I never heard her say that something could not be done before she exhausted every avenue to find answers. She saw my potential and she pushed for me to have these wonderful academic experiences that were priceless. I told her what I hoped to accomplish in our first meeting and she aided me in creating a road map that put me in the position to graduate on top along with being accepted into the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration with a scholarship.  You would be hard pressed to meet someone that would be as dedicated to your academic career."

-Desire Bernard, 2016 graduate

"Megan has been one of the most positive influences on me that I have experienced in my entire life. When I was welcomed into her office, I felt free to talk about whatever was bothering me.... I have learned so much from our conversations including time management, dealing with depression, attaining happiness, and making tough decisions to name a few. Although these are all perks, meeting with Megan never required an agenda or specific purpose except as a way to get away, talk freely, feel heard, and feel like you are not alone." 

-Josh Moller, 2017 graduate, Computer Science/Math

"Over the course of many years I witnessed first hand Megan Bernard's unmatched ability to connect with a vast range of young women and men about college life. She is infectiously enthusiastic about the possibilities that college can bring, and acutely aware that not one size fits all. She has the intelligence, energy, concern, and integrity to assess and guide young people to an appropriate destination."

-Dr. Stuart Warner,  Professor & Chair, Philosophy  Roosevelt University

"As my advisor, Megan Bernard was essential to my college success. She supported me in managing a wide variety of concerns - from financial to personal to professional to ethical. When I didn't have the money, she helped me find the money. When I didn't know what I was doing, she reminded me what I was doing. She helped me develop a plan for my course of study that allowed me to challenge myself and graduate in three years (limiting my debt) with a 3.8 GPA, while holding a work-study position and working at a grocery store. She has shown some of the deepest investment in my growth that I have experienced from an advisor or counselor of any kind. And she could truly be an asset to any young person seeking resources and support in the process of selecting, entering, or managing the college environment. There were so many moments when my degree felt impossible to me, and Megan truly made it possible."

-Anna McColgan, 2017 graduate, Social Justice Studies

"Megan’s grace and openness made her office a safe space, and her creative problem solving was invaluable when I was making academic decisions. If you are looking for an academic consultant, Megan will do right by you. I can’t recommend her highly enough.""

-Katie Budney, 2015 graduate, Master's expected 2018


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