One of the most common pieces of advice thrust onto students is to "get an internship." Without adequate preparation or guidance, however, an internship experience may not actually be productive or meaningful. Getting coffee, making copies, and filing documents won't help you build your future. We can help you to be a strong candidate for internships, to strengthen your professional network, and to make the most of your experience

You will be coached on:

  • screening and applying for internship opportunities

  • framing college experiences for resumes and interviews

  • approaches to developing on-site mentoring relationships 

  • early strategic planning for early professional growth

  • learning from the good and bad aspects of interning

  • networking methods

Participants will craft a personal mission statement, resume, and cover letter; adopt an early strategic plan for building a career, and conduct a network analysis to build a support team of trusted mentors and advisors.  


Chicago, Illinois          


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