A: Anyone who is navigating the expensive mystery of college can benefit from the guidance and support offered by Kairos. Here are some groups that may particularly benefit: 
  • Students who are planning to attend college or return to college and want to be ready for the new challenges and decisions.
  • Students who have enrolled in college and have questions about how to make their time there more meaningful productive.
  • Anyone who is preparing for their job search or graduate school after graduating.
  • Anyone who has struggled in college and is ready to complete their degree.  
  • Any family that's preparing to support a student through college transitions.  
Q: What types of students should partner with Kairos?
A: Your goals, needs, concerns, and questions set the agenda for our collaboration. Every student is unique, and we will develop the appropriate plan for you.
You will be coached through a combination of self-assessment, direct instruction, hands-on application, and guided reflection. Your projects will include a personalized strategic plan and a portfolio of your unique experiences and skills. 
Q: How do sessions work? 
A: Our conversations will take place in person whenever possible, and through videoconferencing and phone as needed. All sessions will be scheduled at a location and a time that is convenient for you.
Q: How and where will we meet?
A: Megan has coached hundreds of students to success using these methods. Decades of scholarly research into the factors that influence persistence, engagement, learning,  graduation, and employment reveal the methods that support students' success in and out of the classroom. The KCS approach is built on those methods.
Q: How do you know this works?
A: Simply put, yes. If you have been placed on probation, failed courses, dealt with personal difficulties, battled health problems, or experienced any of the myriad real-life struggles that can make focusing on school difficult, Kairos can help. Megan has helped hundreds of students graduate after dealing with a variety of challenges. She is ready to help you.   
Q: I made some mistakes that set me back. Can you still help me? 
A: We get students ready for the next stage in their formal education.  Kairos can guide you to articulate your interests and goals in an authentic way. If you are working to evaluate possible schools for fit and creating your application materials, contact us. 
Q: Can you help students get into college?  How about graduate, law, medical, or business school? 
A: Payment details are arranged separately for each client. 
Hourly and program rates include all course materials. Please contact us to inquire about fees.
Q: What are your rates?  
A: Kairos (KYE-rohs) is a Greek term from the study of rhetoric, meaning "the opportune moment." For good advice to be truly beneficial the right words must be delivered to a seeker in the right way, at the right time. For people who are embarking on the challenges of college, timing is everything. 
Q: What does "kairos" mean?
A: When you work directly with Megan, your best interests are always her highest priority. You deserve a mentor who is focused on your unique experiences, concerns, and plans. Megan's support and guidance are tailored specifically to you, and she can coach you to find and make the best use of what your college offers to everyone.
Megan has more than a decade of experience in higher education as a university administrator, college instructor, academic advisor, researcher, and program director.​  She has coached hundreds of students through successful college experiences and on to graduate and professional schools and careers. She is committed to supporting all students through questions, crises, and difficult circumstances. ​She has successfully built and implemented programs for student development and learning.​ She is renowned for her exceptional commitment to students’ well-being, development, and success as citizens, scholars, and professionals. 
Q: Why should I work with Megan? Can't someone at my college help me?
A: Our supportive and expert coaching will help you to build the knowledge and skills that make college work for you.  Students need time and project management methods, strategic approaches to taking notes and studying, and guidance for using campus resources. Check out the blog for some suggestions.
Q: How does Kairos help students? 
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