The more you learn in college, the more questions arise. Selecting the right major, securing opportunities for research, internships, or travel, rebuilding after a struggle, nurturing life-long relationships, and graduating on your schedule with minimal debt and maximal learning are all goals that we can help you attain.

You will be coached on:

  • skills for systems thinking

  • integrating learning from your classes and outside experiences

  • strengthening emotional intelligence

  • identifying opportunities for personal growth and intellectual achievements

  • habits for time management and project management

  • tactics for managing difficult circumstances

  • other skills and abilities as needed


Participants will craft a personalized set of learning outcomes and plan methods for attaining them, adopt a strategic plan for the upcoming year of school, and conduct a network assessment. The learning methods discussed include study skills, identifying institutional resources for support, and practices for critical thinking and information literacy.

Note: This program is particularly beneficial for students experiencing academic difficulties, considering changing their major or transferring to a new school.

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Chicago, Illinois