Coaching Details

How Does Coaching Work? 
We will collaborate to design a series of coaching sessions that respond to your needs and goals. The purpose of our work will be to empower you to recognize your strengths and resources, establish a strategy to make the most of your college experience, and develop practices that will keep you on track.  
Most clients elect to partner for between five and fifteen sessions. 
The topics that we can cover during your sessions include areas of common concern.  You may chose certain topics to focus upon, and Megan will recommend topics based on our consultation.
College Readiness  
Learning & Thriving in College
Rebuilding after Difficult Circumstances 
Post-College Launching
Academic Strategic Planning
Critical Thinking
Parents & Families Supporting Students
Intern Experiences
Gap Year Planning
Maximizing Online Learning
Finding Fellowships and Grants
Capstone & Thesis Coaching
Finding Mentors: Campus and Career


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