A major project that spans an entire term or more can be a thrilling opportunity to do something that matters to you, and it can be overwhelming. Learn to design and execute a major research project from start to finish.​

- Topics covered include identifying and narrowing a research topic, selecting and managing a faculty advisor, staying on task, and preparing for final submission and presentation of a major intellectual work. 


Finding Mentors: Campus & Career

Partnering with someone who will share their insights, ask you powerful questions, and help you to make connections can be a life-changing development. Learn to engage productively in a mentoring relationship from beginning to end.

You will be coached on:

  • skills for systems thinking,

  • strengthening emotional intelligence

  • methods for learning

  • habits for time management and project management

  • tactics for managing difficult circumstances

  • other skills and abilities as needed


Private advising is open-ended.

Sessions last one hour, in person or via videoconferencing.

Clients commit to a minimum of four sessions.  


Chicago, Illinois          


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