Are you going to wait out the pandemic before you start college? Do you want to spend some time in your community? Or maybe you dream about finishing your graphic novel, improving your skills with Python, raising funds for an animal sanctuary, or building with Habitat for Humanity? Do you simply need a break after a high-pressure high school experience? A gap year might be the right move for you. Whether you are interested in travel, creative projects, immersive learning, or extended service, deferring your first year of college can be life-changing.


However, without guidance, a plan and some clear milestones, it can also be a period of drift and may cause family conflicts.

You will be coached on:

  • establishing your priorities

  • developing experiences that correspond with your goals

  • establishing accountability methods to keep you on track

  • time and project management skills

  • handling university paperwork and requirements

Clients create a portfolio that reflects their planning process, their experiences, and their growth over the course of their gap year experience.


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