How does coaching help students?

College success coaching is a highly specialized form of support that empowers students to make the most of their time in college. It is designed for short-term engagement to help students define their goals, understand their strengths, find support, and develop strategies for getting what they need from their time in college.
Personalized coaching from an experienced higher education professional can make all the difference for students who are stuck in significant college transitions or times of struggle. 
Not all coaches are prepared to focus on college concerns. When you are considering a coach to support you in college, inquire about their professional expertise in higher education as part of your decision.
Coaching can be especially productive for students who are:
  • Uncertain about what to study
  • Dissatisfied with their experiences at college
  • Struggling with managing their learning
  • Having trouble targeting a career
  • Feeling adrift and isolated during remote or online learning
  • Returning to college after time away   
  • Rebuilding after a difficult stretch, including probation or a leave of absence
Please note: college success coaching is not a substitute for professional mental health support or therapeutic treatment. 
  • Readiness Prepare to take independent responsibility for your academic, social, and personal well-being as you start your college career
  • Seeking Explore your options and chart a new course when you recognize that your plans need to change due to your personal circumstances or academic struggles. When you need to rebuild, we are proud to be part of your support team. 
  • Launching Take meaningful action to secure the future you've been building--whether you are planning for your career or continuing your education at the graduate level   

When do students benefit most from coaching? 

What are common areas for coaching? 


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